Me & You Without The World, Alone

how wonderful would it be, with just me and you, without the troubles of the world

to have the people of this earth, completely and utterly furled

just me, and you alone with are hearts close together

without feeling a stress or worry like birds of a feather

staring to the stars, to which they stare back

in their ivory decors, & ebony stage black

even the moon looks upon us, in motionless content

to which it knows, the price we underwent

not a sound in site——just a gleam of your soul

hovering close to mine, in serene control

Poem & Image By: Maxwell S. Reinhardt

Red, Blue, and Green

I mixed red and blue, but got green

All while listening to the sounds of your machine

It could be that my mind is out of control

Or the empty slot of my heart, you stole

Regardless which, I mixed red and blue, but got green

Because with you, my soul dances, to the rhythm of the dancing queen.

Dedicated to Wes.

Image and Poem By: Yasel Avalos

The Date

He awoke the beast before him, it’s heaviness gave awe

Dancingly his fingers spread, awaking the roar with such divine law

The gentleman played gentle tunes, as if serenading a bride on her honeymoon

The boy cried from the ingenious delight

But It all seemed to fade——when the clock began to reach midnight

In his jealousy, the boy sat silent

Awaiting to plan his next affair in hope of not to look like such a tyrant

For all he wanted, was the love of his own

But in his decency, he might have been brother zoned.

Image and Poem By: Yasel Avalos