I Said

“Now!” Said I,

“No need to dream” Said I

“Aye aye” Yelled I

“No goodbye” Said I

“Now, or be condemned”, Said I

“Oh lord!” Said I

“Don’t let those dreams lie” Screamed I

“But dreams are a gift” Whispered I

“Yes—- a gift” Said I

Then I Said “Yes a gift”

“But those lie” Affirmed I

“Those dreams tell a lie” Asserted I

“But your eyes grow weak and weary” Said I

“Weak and weary?” Asked I?

“Yes”, Gently Said I

“Said I?” I Said

“Is this a dream?” Pondered I

“If so, let me rest without a lie” Said I

“Dreams are reality” Said I

“Dreams are truth?” Wondered I

“Truth are dreams?” Repeated I.

“All those lies with one goodbye” Said I

“All those lies with one goodbye” Repeated I

“And so whom is responsible?” Knew I

“Who is responsible? Said I with a Sigh

“Yes this is truth” Said those dreams that lie

“Yes this is fact” repeated those dreams that lie

“Now say your goodbye” Said those dreams without a lie 

“Drift off into the black sky” Said those dreams that never lie

“Give it a try” Commanded I

“Rest in peace in the star-speckled sky” Said I

“Listen to those dreams that never lie”

Said I

“Goodbye” thought I


Image and Poem By: Maxwell S. Reinhardt