The World Is Ending Soon.

[I can feel it in my soul, someone colored the moon

As the clock’s binding rhythm reaches fine tune

The nameless fear, which does not permit 

For those who’ve met, cannot admit

The world is ending soon.

The sleepless and dreadful thoughts, of sin and not fitting in
fills my lungs and penetrates within.

God’s wrath should soon be upon us, so speak now, what have ye sinned?

The forbidden love with a hint of rejection, paves way to the unforgivable insurrection

From ages back to where the box was opened, laid an heirloom

To which gave us to are doom——because the world is ending soon.

The truth most of us choose to deny

Will quickly force are lives to fly by

When we realize what we’ve forsaken

Our souls will surely be overtaken
Because the world is ending soon]

Poem and Image By: Yasel Avalos

The Vintage Nostalgic Feel

How nostalgic us sentimental beings are. We make decisions solely based on our feelings and history. We choose one item over the next because it reminds us of home. Whether we once lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere, or come from a culturally colorful background from a different country, we all tend to live in the past. Eating what we ate before, enjoying music that we heard when we were children, it affects us drastically, making us homesick, depressed, or enthusiastic. It is a good thing to preserve our nostalgic feelings, because in a sense, we preserve small parts of are history, and together, a collective one.

We also like to live in the past in the form of fashion, devoid from personal experience. From enjoying vintage music boxes found at a thrift shop, to dressing like a teen from the 70s. Everyone enjoys vintage looks, and is strongly becoming popular everyday.  I personally created a video that portrays the feeling of an antique film, just for my own gratification.  Nostalgia is good, it helps preserve our mental health and overall well-being, with that being said, continue your history, through actions or remembrance.



Contact me personally for more talk on vintage items, ideas, concepts, clothing or general historical events or personal experiences you have participated in pertaining to the subject above.

Picture Credit: Yasel Avalos